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Tel: 07760 492 136
Grantham House, 55a Grantham Road, BN1 6EF

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One-to-one private treatment is available from our Grantham Road clinic which is located midway between Fiveways & The Level. This clinic has the benefit of private off road parking. We are open Monday - Friday: first appointment 9am, last appointment 7pm. These are charged at the flat rate of £40 for the hour. Bookings can be made by calling 07760 492 136.

Group acupuncture sessions are available on a drop in basis (no need to book). Currently you need to arrive at the ‘About Balance’ centre on the Steine between 9:30 & 11 am on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. This is a pilot scheme. In the future we will expand the times this service is available. These treatment are charged on a minimum donation of £10 basis. But if you can afford to pay more than the £10 basic then please do.

The emphasis of group treatments is stress management and simple treatment and may not be suitable for you if you have a more complex issue or need one to one dialogue with a practitioner. We will indicate if we feel one to one treatment is more appropriate.


"The Dragon Acupuncture Project is truly a life-saver for me. The practitioners are professional, knowledgable and very easy to talk to. The low cost means I can have treatment much more regularly than if I was seeing a practitioner one-to-one. Despite there being several patients being treated at the same time, I can easily relax in the treatment room. I've recommended this service to many of my friends, because I know they'll benefit from it, and they'll be able to afford to come for as long as they need to."

"My experience - that where Western doctors were unable to help, the skill of your acupuncturists has set me back on the road to health. I felt Calum was really interested and caring and trying to help; the atmosphere is caring and friendly. Keep up the good work!"