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Grantham House, 55a Grantham Road, Brighton, BN1 6EF

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Calum Thomson, Dragon
            Acupuncture Project Brighton and Hove

I’ve been practicing and studying Chinese medicine since 2001when I qualified from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

When I’d finished college I realised that what we had been taught was the bare bones of a far more complex system much of which had been altered and abandoned to fit in with the political needs of communist China.  There was more! So, I’ve been looking for this older, deeper and more powerful material ever since, and trying to offer Chinese medicine at the highest level, applying these ancient, but timeless models of health, in the context of modern biological understanding.


For those who are interested in that sort of thing, I’ve travelled all over the world studying with lineage masters in Chinese hands on bodywork, acupuncture, tai ji, nei gong and Xing yi. I am a long term student of Dr Jeffrey Yuen and his senior students Ann Cecil Sterman, and Tim Sullivan who are transmitting a complete Chinese medical lineage to the West and changing the face of modern Chinese medicine. 
I teach and write about  Chinese Medicine on the basis of their interpretation of ancient Classical Chinese medicine and the lessons it has for our lives now.


I have closely studied chi kung, nei kung, tai jii and tuina with lineage master Bruce Frantzis and his senior students Paul Cavel and Brian Cooper. 
In 2010 I started studying nei kung, bagua and xing yi with Dr Roy Jenzen, a renowned martial artist and Chinese medical practitioner, and am now one of his senior students.
I teach Dr Jenzens nei gung as part of my therapeutic practice. In China all acupuncturists and tuina practitioners of note are skilled martial artists. I have been practicing internal martial arts since 2001 and I regard this as vital to my own ability as a practitioner.


In my practice I use both Chinese bodywork and acupuncture, prescribe dietary and lifestyle changes and teach health preservation practices and exercises, as I regard promoting self-healing and the on-going maintenance of well-being, as the most important aspect of what I do.


The various meridian systems of Chinese medicine describe the processes of growing, living and dying. Far from being ‘mystical’ or involving inexplicable ‘energies’ unknown to modern science, acupuncture is a profound, practical description of the way in which the body and mind, life experiences and genetics all intersect and shape who we are, and who we might be.


I see Chinese medicine as an amazing, beautiful map describing how a life may be lived well, young to old, and my work is to apply it, and share it with humour, realism and common sense with my patients and students.  


I regularly see a range of conditions


  • Back pain
    Neck pain
    Musculoskeletal pain
    Herniated disks
    Knee problems
    Plantar fasciitis
    Frozen shoulder
    Recurrent miscarriage
    Menstrual pain
    Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    Heavy periods
    Hormonal imbalances
    Menopausal symptoms
    M.E/chronic fatigue
    Weak immune system
    Digestive issues
    Acid reflux
    Breathing difficulties
    Long Covid


If you are in doubt as to whether I can help you please get in touch and ask.  



Customer Testimonials

"The Dragon Acupuncture Project is inspiring. The treatment I have received from practitioners is restoring me on many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual. My case history has been received with the utmost sensitivity and the gentle guidance I have received from practitioner and pins has made a huge beneficial difference to tangible physical problems, pain and extreme anxiety, restoring strength and hope. I was an acupuncture virgin and after the private initial consultation, quickly got over any imagined weirdness about the open clinic setting during the first session."